Kevin Pollinzi was born on August 14, 1985 in Lewisville, Texas.

He has two sisters and was raised by both parents. Kevin was raised in church and was there every Sunday. In his teens, he was influenced by older peers into smoking cigarettes which opened the door to heavier addictive drugs such as prescription pills and heroin. In his mid-twenties Kevin was admitted into a recovery ministry and was there about a year. After leaving the program, he gradually slipped into compromise through a relationship he was in and, for about two years, Kevin struggled.

About this time, Kevin’s parents began to show him some tough love, causing him to evaluate his choices. Kevin said to himself, “I know I’ve been made for more than this,” and began to make choices toward changing. His parents told him about R|O and convinced him to come in for an interview. Kevin was admitted a few days later.

Since Kevin has been at R|O his eyes have been re-opened to who he is and what God is calling him to do. He has grown in character and faced some tough issues while in both phases of the program. Kevin has worked full-time while in phase two and was able to purchase a vehicle. Kevin has a desire to serve in missions overseas and work with orphans.

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