Nick was born in 1980 into a family with an older sister and a younger brother. Nick lived in a middle class family in the suburbs of Hammond, Indiana. Nick’s mother was the spiritual pillar of the family, leading the family to church and serving the family. When Nick was fourteen, his mother suddenly passed away from lung and brain cancer, leaving a void in his family. As a child Nick, noticed that he suffered from minor seizures. He was introduced to marijuana in his teens and was eventually abusing alcohol. He managed to go to college for pharmaceutics, got his doctorates degree, and became a pharmacist. Nick’s substance abuse increased through his teen years and into his young adult life. Eventually, as a pharmacist, the addiction caught up with Nick and he began abusing prescription meds causing him to lose his job. Nick was eventually put out of his home. He was desperate for a change and knew that he had to have a new start. Nick’s older sister lived in Dallas, so he sought out to come visit in hope of finding refuge.

Nick’s sister had a printout of RO’s information. As Nick read RO’s mission statement he realized that this was exactly what he was looking for. For the first time Hope filled Nick’s heart. He contacted RO and was accepted in.

Since Nick has come to Reconciliation Outreach, he has served in our administrative office as an intake leader and assistant to the men’s program director. He has been co-leading our phase two home and working part-time in our after-school program with our neighborhood kids. He has a passion and grace to work with kids and is a servant and great example to our other residents. Nick was invited into the intern program and realized he was being called into a deeper commitment to God. He is graduating our 18-month ministry intern program successfully and will be going back home to Indiana for the summer to spend it with his dad – starting this Father’s Day.

Nick considers RO his home and will return in August to continue working with our after-school program and will work on getting his Pharmaceutical license reinstated. Through Nick’s experience of faith and freedom, he hopes to work in the pharmaceutical industry and in the universities teaching students and patients the standard medical curriculum as well as the dangers of drugs and alcohol.


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